We are a grant making trust that supports civil society leaders to build a fairer world.

The Joffe Charitable Trust was set up by Joel and Vanetta Joffe in 1968. Joel led the Trust until 2017. He encouraged hundreds of people to do extraordinary things for public benefit in developing countries. Dozens of charities simply would not exist as they do today without Joel.

We are inspired by Joel’s work and legacy.

Our mission is to support civil society leaders to build a fairer world, with opportunity for all. We encourage people to do as much as possible to realise human rights and reduce poverty in lower income countries. We particularly focus on tackling the systemic causes of poverty.

We mainly focus on strengthening integrity in the UK’s international financial services. We also have a history of supporting high potential not-for-profit organisations.

We encourage and support leaders to build stronger organisations that can achieve more over the long term. We make grants, encourage strategic collaboration and convene events where they can be helpful.

The Trust is led by a board of trustees who oversee the work of a small executive team.

“Outdoor Sculptures II”, Tranøy, Norway. Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash