Annual Report & Accounts

Note: In April 2019, the Trust’s operations were transferred to a new Charitable Incorporated Organisation, with a financial year that runs from January to December.

Feedback Reports

Each year, we ask people for anonymous feedback on their experience of working with us. In 2019, we did this through GrantAdvisor UK, which provides a public record of all the feedback we received. You can also download a summary report above.

In 2019, we received very positive feedback, the same as the year before. Respondents appreciated our personal approach, simple & flexible processes and advice. They asked us to keep doing more of the same and made some specific suggestions for improvement. We welcome these suggestions and consider each one carefully.

Comments included:

  • “[The Joffe Trust] are supportive and informed. They know what they are talking about, and what the issues are in the sector, and are happy to give core funding.”
  • “The Joffe Trust are really good at strategic thinking and giving organisational support. They are very supportive and collaborative funder and very encouraging.”
  • “I see the Joffe Trust as a pathway funder – an indicator to others. It succeeds in that goal.”