Annual Report & Accounts

Note: In April 2019, the Trust’s operations were transferred to a new Charitable Incorporated Organisation, with a financial year that runs from January to December.

Feedback Reports

Each year, we ask people for anonymous feedback on their experience of working with us. We have used a mixture of GrantAdvisor UK, which provides a public record of all the feedback we received, and other methods.

As before, respondents said they appreciated open, honest & respectful dialogue with us, and our flexible funding & approach.

Comments included:

“Joffe are approachable, friendly and open.”

“staff are very willing to engage in supportive conversations about the best way to deliver .. outcomes”

“Actually understands the need for unrestricted funding and investment in fundraising capacity

“an excellent and catalytic funder because of the depth and focus of its engagement”

“ I would ask … that you’re much clearer on your website about the causes you fund”