How to apply

The Trust makes grant decisions three times per year. Enquiries and applications can be submitted whenever is most appropriate for you.

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1. Initial enquiry

We welcome enquiries from applicants for Focus Area 1 whose work is in line with the Trust’s objectives. We use a two stage process, to ensure we don’t waste applicants’ time.

Please note that we are now closed for new applications in Focus Area 2.

If you would like to approach us for funding, please read all the information in the What We Do and Grants sections carefully.

Please send your enquiry as a short email of up to four paragraphs only with no attachments to George Pope, Grants Manager at  We cannot open any attachments due to the risk of viruses. Your email should include:

  1. Name and brief description of your organisation, its charity / registration status, annual income and website details.
  2. An outline of your proposal & which Focus Area it aligns with.
  3. The amount of funding you are seeking (you can always change this at full application stage).
  4. How you heard about the Joffe Trust.

We will consider relevant enquiries carefully and aim to reply to you within 6 weeks. If we believe it is worth your time and effort, we will invite you to submit a full application.

2. Full application

This step is only for applicants who have been invited to submit a full application. Initial enquiries must be made as above.

A full application should include:

  1. A proposal, up to 6 pages long (shorter is fine) covering:
    • A one line summary of the amount, length and purpose of the grant you are applying for.
    • An introduction to the work you would like the Trust to fund. This could be for an initiative or for your whole organisation.
    • Goal, objectives and main activities of the work; and how your work fits together with other peoples’ work on related issues.
    • The main stakeholders who will have to be involved to achieve success, and what their roles will be.
    • Who will be responsible for implementing and overseeing the work.
    • If your organisation is not a registered charity, how the work furthers charitable purposes for public benefit
    • Summary of your approach to diversity, equity and inclusion (including actions you are taking, as well as policies)
    • Summary of your approach to safeguarding, as relevant
  2. An organisational budget for the current year and years covered by the proposal, with a summary of income & expenditure and details of funding already secured.
  3. If you are applying for a specific initiative, an income & expenditure budget for that initiative.
  4. CVs of your CEO and key operational managers
  5. Latest audited accounts and annual report

We would be happy to answer any questions and help you develop your proposal. We may ask for more information to clarify specific issues, and we aim to speak to all applicants in person or online.

Shortlisted applications will be submitted to the board of Trustees at the next available Trustees’ meeting. Three meetings are held each year. Applicants may be asked to come to a trustee meeting to discuss their proposal.

** Check out reviews of our grant-making & add yours on GrantAdvisor UK **