Our criteria for making grants

  • Fit with at least one of our two focus areas
  • Strong leadership
  • Narrow focus
  • A compelling, realistic analysis of the issues addressed
  • Practical solutions to those issues & potential to make a difference at scale
  • Collaboration with others working on the same and related issues
  • Improves the UK’s role as a good global citizen, benefitting people in low income countries
  • Hard to fund from other sources
  • Organisations with annual income of less than £5 million in Focus Area 1, and less than £1.5 million in Focus Area 2

We believe that we can make the best use of our funds by supporting smaller and highly focused initiatives that are aligned with our focus areas.

Our approach to making grants

  • We are comfortable funding initiatives that have a reasonably high level of carefully considered risk. This includes new start-ups.
  • We are willing to provide unrestricted funding for organisations that meet our criteria. This includes core costs.
  • Wherever possible, we expect our funding to contribute to the longer term sustainability of the organisation or work being undertaken.
  • We are comfortable providing multi-year funding of up to 3 years.
  • Our funding processes are light and flexible.
  • We build supportive relationships with the principal individuals involved in any initiative.
  • We learn with grantees about the issues they face and how we and others can improve what we do.
  • We identify the majority of our successful funding applications through our own research and network.

Grant size

The Trust normally makes grants in the range of £5,000 to £30,000 per year for up to three years (i.e. a total grant of between £5,000 and £90,000).

We normally fund initiatives that are based in the UK and have potential to make a significant impact in lower income countries.

We do not fund

  • Emergency relief
  • Individuals
  • Physical infrastructure
  • The arts

Who we fund

We normally fund UK-based charities that are registered with the UK Charity Commission. In exceptional cases, we will fund work by organisations that are not registered charities where we are satisfied that the work is wholly for charitable purposes and public benefit.

“Passion and good intentions by themselves are of no value to anyone without effective implementation.”

Joel Joffe