Here at the Joffe Trust, we are planning our final chapter. We have started spending out our investments. We currently expect to close our doors in about 2030.

It will be the end of an era for everyone involved, and we will find ways to mark the moment and remember Joel Joffe, our founder.

We’re not reached that stage yet. But we have been learning what we can from other trusts that have spent out. We’ve heard it’s important to plan our exit carefully, and work out what we want to achieve well in advance. This can mean narrowing focus and making some difficult decisions.

As part of this, we are changing our approach for our grants programme aimed at strengthening high potential UK non profits (Focus Area 2).

We will run a final open grant round in Focus Area 2 in August 2023, with a deadline for initial enquiries of the end of July 2023. Then we expect to finalise a new approach for this area of our work by the end of 2023. We will remain open for applications in Focus Area 1.