We are a small, specialist funder with a carefully defined approach to who we fund.

Update: We are now closed to new applications in Focus Area 2, as we review our appoach in preparation for spending out all our assets. We expect to finalise a new approach by the end of 2023 and will publish details here on our website. We remain open for applications in Focus Area 1.

We have a two stage application process, with an initial enquiry followed by a full application. We only invite full applications where there is a good chance of success.

About 10% of initial enquiries progress to full application stage. In 2022, 78% of full applications were successful.

We normally make grants of up to £35,000 per year for up to three years. We also give smaller grants, where this is useful.

We recognise that we are only one small funder among many. We keep our processes light and simple. We take a supportive and flexible approach to getting to know applicants and grantees.

Before getting in touch, please make sure you are familiar with our general exclusions (below) and the criteria set out in our open focus area:

If you meet our criteria, then please follow our two stage process explained in: how to apply.

Who we fund

We usually fund small UK-based charities that are registered with the UK Charity Commission. In exceptional cases, we fund work by organisations that are not registered charities where we are satisfied that the work is wholly for charitable purposes and public benefit.

  • In Focus Area 1, Financial integrity, we fund organisations that have an annual income of up to £5m.

Due to the history of Joel Joffe and the Trust, we very occasionally make exceptions to our normal approach and provide funding to organisations in South Africa.

We are keen to support diversity in non-profit leadership and welcome applications from people of all backgrounds.

What we do not usually fund

  • Organisations based outside of the UK
  • Emergency relief
  • Individuals
  • Primary service delivery (e.g. schools, health centres, water sources)
  • Work that mainly benefits UK communities
  • Organisations with entirely white male leadership at both board & executive levels.

We believe that we can make the best use of our funds by supporting smaller and highly focused initiatives that are aligned with our focus areas.

“Hands Across the Divide”, Derry, Northern Ireland. Photo by diego_cue. (CC BY-SA 3.0)