What we do

We support civil society leaders to build a fairer world, with opportunity for all. We focus on the systematic causes of inequality and poverty in lower income countries. We make grants, and support and convene organisations to help them achieve more together.

We recognise that in some crucial areas, the UK needs to get its own house in order and move away from ‘white saviour’ models of aid. We support work that improves the UK end of international systems, and is based on modern approaches to international partnership.

We are currently spending out all our resources and expect to close the Trust in about 2030. This is driving a more focused approach in our work. We will continue our approach as an engaged and strategic funder.

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Focus Areas

1. Strengthening integrity in the UK’s international financial systems

We work with civil society leaders and other allies to (a) position the UK as a leading driver of international financial integrity, and no longer a global centre for dirty money; and (b) develop a sustainable and successful field of civil society organisations working on this issue.

Read more about this area of our work.

2. Strengthening high potential UK non-profit organisations

We support UK civil society leaders to build sustainable and successful non-profit organisations that contribute to global justice and equality, with an impact in low income countries. We support them to make a step change in their organisational development.

** Update on Focus Area 2 ** We are now closed to new applications in this area. Latest update here.

Read more about this area of our work.

Our approach

We take an engaged approach as a donor. We work to understand the issues and organisations in our focus areas, and identify how we can best contribute to them.

We recognise that social change takes time and depends on collaboration across many initiatives. We encourage strategic collaboration among initiatives and convene events, where they add value.

We support leaders to build effective organisations and connect them to advice in areas such as governance, fundraising and back office operations. We aim to strengthen diversity in the UK non-profit sector.

We have joined IVAR’s Flexible Funders campaign, with its eight commitments for open and trusting grant-making. We are a signatory to the Funder Commitment on Climate Change. We publish our grants data to the 360Giving standard.

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Nelson Mandela”, London, UK. Photo by George de Bruxelles on Unsplash