What we do

Our mission is to support civil society leaders to build a fairer world, with opportunity for all. We encourage people to do as much as possible to realise human rights and reduce poverty in lower income countries. We particularly focus on tackling the systemic causes of poverty.

Focus Areas

1. We support work to fight corruption and promote tax justice

We believe that fighting corruption and improving tax justice leads to better government in the public interest. We recognise these issues are global, with substantial links between higher and lower income countries. We fund work that tackles the UK’s role as an enabler of global corruption and tax abuse, and encourages the UK to play a positive role. We also support work with international initiatives.

Our objective in this area is: To work with civil society leaders to build effective movements that position the UK as a leading positive influence in the fields of global tax justice and financial integrity.

2. We support work to build stronger not-for-profit organisations

We believe that small groups of committed people can have a huge impact in the world. We support them to build more sustainable and effective non-profit organisations in the UK. This includes funding new start ups where they can add real value. We also support non-profits (with annual income of less than £1.5m) to move to the next level of organisational development. For instance, we fund back office work such as operational management, fundraising and developing strategy.

Our objective in this area is: To support new and existing civil society leaders to build effective and sustainable non-profit organisations that strengthen partnership between the UK and lower income countries and tackle the causes of poverty.

We are particularly interested in strengthening diversity in the UK non-profit sector. We do not fund work that only benefits communities in the UK.


We take an engaged approach as a donor. We work to understand the issues in our focus areas and identify how we can best contribute.

We recognise that social change takes time and depends on collaboration across many initiatives. We encourage strategic collaboration among initiatives and convene meetings when they will add value.