In January 2021, we were delighted to approve 11 new grants.

  • Airwars
    • A non-profit that monitors civilian harm in war.
    • Grant: £30,000 x 2 yrs for organisational development.
  • Anti Tribalism Movement
    • A charity providing practical support to tackle tribalism in the UK & Somalia.
    • Grant: £7,000 for one year to invest in individual fundraising.
  • Balanced Economy Project
    • A new initiative to reform competition policy.
    • Grant: £25,000 for one year to scope the initiative.
  • Death Penalty Project
    • A charity fighting for the rights of people facing the death penalty
    • Grant: £15,000 x 2 yrs to invest in digital communications & fundraising.
  • Down Syndrome International
    • An international network of Down Syndrome organisations.
    • Grant: £25,000 x 2 yrs to invest in fundraising.
  • Good Jobs First
    • A US non-profit promoting corporate & government accountability.
    • Grant: £25,000 for one year to set up UK database of corporate offences.
  • Home Start Worldwide
    • An international network of home-start organisations.
    • Grant: £15,000 for six months to develop new strategy.
  • Rethinking Economics
    • An international network to reform the discipline of economics.
    • Grant: £25,000 for one year to upgrade communications infrastructure.
  • TaxWatch
    • An investigative charity on tax avoidance.
    • Grant: £25,000 x 2 yrs to tackles the enablers of tax fraud.
  • Tax Justice Network
    • A non-profit working for a fairer & more effective tax system.
    • Grant: £10,000 for six months to coordinate work on EU tax reform.
  • Transparency International UK
    • A charity promoting transparency and fighting corruption.
    • Grant: £30,000 x 3 yrs to support the UK Anti-Corruption Coalition.

We believe these grants have huge potential in both of our focus areas.

In our work on tax and corruption, there is a chance for a breakthrough in the EU’s rules on tax reporting. We are glad to support the crucial UK Anti-Corruption Coalition, bringing the movement together to achieve more. We think there’s real scope to tackle tax fraud and improve transparency around corporate wrong-going.

We also help high potential non-profits to become stronger organisations (in our second focus area). We are delighted to support organisations that embody the best of partnership between the UK and low income countries. They work on issues from reforming the whole subject of economics to tackling the death penalty – and could have enormous consequences.

We believe these grants continue to encourage and showcase Britain as a force for good in the world.

Photo by ekrem osmanoglu on Unsplash