In May 2021, we were delighted to approve 11 new grants.

  • Chayn
    • A global volunteer network addressing gender-based violence.
    • Grant: £30,000 x 1 yr for organisational development.
  • Fair Tax Foundation
    • A not-for-profit bridging the gap between corporate responsibility and the wider tax justice movement.
    • Grant: £12,500 x 2yrs to analyse the tax conduct of big tech companies.
  • Institute for Public Policy Research
    • A not-for-profit progressive think tank.
    • Grant: £16,950 for six months to work on tax reform in the public interest.
  • Kings College London : The Policy Institute
    • A university institute that supports the APPG on Anti-corruption & Responsible Tax
    • Grant: £15,000 for six months for support to international tax reform.
  • Labour Behind the Label
    • An NGO that works to improve conditions and empower workers in the global garment industry.
    • Grant: £10,000 x 2 yrs to develop individual donor fundraising.
  • Onward
    • A not-for-profit centre-right think tank.
    • Grant: £17,500 for one year to work on multinational tax reform.
  • Redress
    • An NGO that pursues legal claims on behalf of survivors of torture in the UK and around the world.
    • Grant: £25,000 x 1 yr to develop legal mechanisms to use corruptly acquired assets for redress of victims.
  • The Athena Foundation
    • A non-profit that supports the APPG on Fair Business Banking.
    • Grant: £25,000 for one year to improve regulation and transparency in the financial services sector.
  • The B Team
    • A movement of leaders and actors in the global economy working to redefine accountability in business.
    • Grant: £25,000 x 2 yrs to build the movement for responsible corporate tax practice.
  • The Good Ancestor
    • A new non-profit working to develop an alternative vision for the private wealth industry.
    • Grant: £10,000 for 1 yr to run an action inquiry with the private wealth sector.
  • The Finance Innovation Lab
    • A network of system change-makers working towards a financial system that works for people and planet.
    • Grant: £30,000 x 3 yrs to promote social and environmental issues in financial regulation.

We were delighted to work with civil society to react quickly to new US proposals to reform the way that international business is taxed. Our grantees and others are moving fast to make the most of this extraordinary opportunity.

We were also very glad to support initiatives to regulate the economy so it works better for people and planet. These issues get to the heart of whether business focuses on short term gains for shareholders, or takes a more sustainable & responsible approach. They are crucial right now in the UK, as regulation is reset after Brexit.

Finally, we continued to support high potential organisations to become stronger and more sustainable.

Photo by corina ardeleanu on Unsplash