In November 2019, we asked the people we work with to tell us what they thought about our work. Over 40 people gave us anonymous feedback on GrantAdvisor UK. We really appreciate their time and opinions.

We’ve published a short report summarising what they said, available here.

Overall, we’re delighted that the feedback is so positive. Respondents appreciated our personal approach, simple & flexible processes and our advice. They asked us to keep doing more of the same and made some specific suggestions for improvement.

We’ll use this as we plan for 2020. The core of our work won’t change. But we’ll look for ways of improving the support we provide.

Update, March 2020: Civil Society Magazine published this article on How the Joffe Trust used GrantAdvisor to listen and learn

Photo by Chang Duong on Unsplash

Feedback quotes:

“The Joffe Trust are supportive and informed. They know what they are talking about, and what the issues are in the sector, and are happy to give core funding.”

“The Joffe Trust are really good at strategic thinking and giving organisational support. They are very supportive and collaborative funder and very encouraging.”

“I see the Joffe Trust as a pathway funder – an indicator to others. It succeeds in that goal.”