These grants contribute to our work across our two strategic focus areas: tackling the UK’s dirty money problem and helping high potential non-profits make a step change in their organisational development.

Spotlight on Corruption

  • A charity which shines a light on the UK’s role in corruption at home and abroad, and campaigns for reforms.
  • Grant of £135,000 for core costs.

Open Ownership

  • Independent initiative working on transparency of company ownership.
  • Grant of £30,000 to work on appropriate & legitimate access to beneficial ownership registers in the UK.

Nottingham Trent University Law School

  • Independent analysis on the abuses and reforms of UK parternship structures.
  • Grant of £4,903 to publish articles and engage relevant  stakeholders.

Whistleblowing International Network

  • A charity that strengthens civil society around the world to support whistleblowers in the public interest.
  • Grant of £70,000 to strengthen and develop the organisation.

Health Justice Initiative

  • South African non-profit working to ensure access to health care for all, by advocating for a more equitable global public health system.
  • Grant of £70,000 for their core work.

We made fewer grants than normal in January. This is because of a squeeze on our resources, due to investment losses and a high number of grants made in 2022. We hope to be back to normal levels in Focus Area 1 for the rest of 2023. Resources will be tight for Focus Area 2.