On 12-13th July 2022, the Joffe Trust convened a strategic retreat of the leading campaigners working to tackle the UK’s dirty money problem.

The Open Society Foundations also attended, as part of their new initiative in this field.

Participants stepped out of their day-to-day work to look at the big picture together. They made great progress in areas from reviewing long term goals to planning campaign activities.

Nobody could predict the result of the UK’s current political turmoil. But there was real optimism that recent momentum could be continued.

In March, the first Economic Crime Act marked a welcome step. In May, two cross party APPGs launched a powerful Economic Crime Manifesto that took parliamentary campaigning to a new level. And the government is pressing ahead with work on the next Economic Crime Bill – including long sought reform of Companies House.

Last month’s parliamentary report “The cost of complacency: illicit finance and the war in Ukraine” shows a growing head of steam to tackle the illicit finance that drives so much harm around the world.

These campaigners are working hard to channel that into practical solutions.

We’re keen to explore links with related initiatives. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.