In January 2020, we approved seven new grants:

  • Alive & Kicking
    • “The world’s only not-for-profit ball manufacturer”, creating ethical jobs in Ghana, Kenya & Zambia.
    • Grant: £20,000 per year x 2 years to invest in their UK regular giving programme.
  • Anti Tribalism Movement
    • Providing practical support to people affected by tribalism, inequality, and conflicts in the UK & Somalia.
    • Grant: £20,000 x 1 year to establish their individual donation programme.
  • Bright Blue
    • An independent think tank and pressure group for liberal conservatism.
    • Grant: £30,000 x 1 year to build a centre-right approach to tax reform in the UK & internationally.
  • Equal Education Law Centre
    • Legal support to promote equitable, adequately-resourced and quality education in South Africa
    • Grant: £6,500 x 1 year for the inaugural Arthur Chaskalson memorial lecture in Cape Town, 30/7/20.
  • Global Legal Action Network
    • Pursuing legal actions across borders to challenge human rights violations and injustice.
    • Grant: £26,000 per year x 2 years to set up professional back office functions.
  • International Commission for the Reform of International Corporate Taxation
    • Promoting reform of the international corporate tax system.
    • Grant: £25,000 x 1 year to develop a strategic plan for the initiative’s next phase.
  • Redress
    • Seeking justice and reparation for the victims of torture.
    • Grant: £25,000 x 1 year to establish legal ways of using corruptly aquired assets to provide redress to the victims of torture.

We are delighted to be making these grants. They represent the range of our two focus areas and updated strategy.

For instance, in a few short years, the Global Legal Assistance Network has achieved brilliant results, using UK law to tackle human rights abuses around the world. Now, we’re helping them become a stronger organisation for the future.

Bright Blue is convening timely work to develop a centre-right approach to tax reform. This has potential to influence the UK’s Conservative goverment and help move beyond an instinctive approach to tax cutting.

The inaugural Arthur Chaskalson lecture in South Africa has a special place in our heart. Arthur and our founder, Joel Joffe, forged a deep friendship when they worked together on Nelson Mandela’s legal team. They remained life long friends, both tireless champions of justice.