In September 2023, our board approved six new grants:

Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies, RUSI

– Delivers analysis and actionable ideas in the fight against financial crime.
– Grant: £50,000 x 2 yrs to support implementation of the government’s Economic Crime Plan.

Transparency International UK

– A charity promoting transparency and fighting corruption.
– Grant: £50,000 x 2 yrs to support the UK Anti-Corruption Coalition.


– A not-for-profit transparency watchdog which tracks civilian harms from war.
– Grant: £30,000 for organisational development.

London Mining Network

– A UK charity that supports communities harmed by London-based mining companies.
– Grant: £35,000 x 3 yrs for organisational development.

Size of Wales

– A UK charity that works with communities around the world to grow trees and protect forests.
– Grant: £25,000 x 2 yrs to support Wales to become a Deforestation Free Nation.


– A UK charity that supports UK & global movements focused on HIV, health and human rights.
– Grant: £25,000 x 3 yrs to implement their anti-oppression framework.

Photo by sue hughes on Unsplash