In January & March 2022, we were delighted to approve ten new grants.

  • Athena Foundation
    • A non-profit supporting the APPGs on Fair Business Banking, and Anti-Corruption & Responsible Tax.
    • Grant: £30,000 x 1 yr to work on economic crime.
  • Balanced Economy Project
    • A new initiative promoting healthy markets and tackling monopolies.
    • Grant: £30,000 pa x 2 yrs core funding.
  • Centre for the Study of Corruption
    • A specialist academic unit in the University of Sussex.
    • Grant: £10,000 x 1 yr to support outreach in the UK anti-corruption field.
  • Home-Start Worldwide
    • A membership organisation supporting Home-Start organisations in 22 countries.
    • Grant: £30,000 pa x 2 yrs for organisational development.
  • Jubilee Debt Campaign
    • A charity working to end poverty caused by unjust debt.
    • Grant: £30,000 pa x yrs to invest in fundraising.
  • Kensington Against Dirty Money
    • Grassroots campaign against dirty money in Kensington, London.
    • Grant: £5,000 for core costs.
  • OpenDemocracy
    • Independent global media organisation.
    • Grant: £30,000 x 1 yr to investigate the post Soviet states and elites.
  • Prisoners of Conscience
    • Financial support to prisoners of conscience and their families.
    • Grant: £30,000 x 1 yr to invest in fundraising.
  • The Bureau of Investigative Journalism
    • Investigative journalism in the public interest.
    • Grant: £30,000 pa x 3 yrs to investigate the enablers of economic crime.
  • Trade Justice Movement
    • UK coalition working on trade rules that work for people and planet.
    • Grant: £28,000 x 1 yr to develop organisational capacity.

We continue to support work across both our focus areas. These grants include work to tackle dirty money and promote a global economy that works better for people and planet. We also support high potential non-profits, with an international angle.

In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we held an additional board meeting to approve some key grants. We are working closely with leading campaigners and the Open Society Foundations to address the problem of dirty money in the UK.

Photo: monument to the founders of Kyiv on the River Dnieper