In May 2020, we approved 12 new grants:

  • The B-Team
    • “Catalysing a movement of business leaders driving a better way of doing business for the wellbeing of people & planet”.
    • Grant: £20,000, to establish responsible tax as a key consideration among ESG investors.
  • Church Action on Tax Justice
    • A campaign to mobilise support for tax justice in the faith sector.
    • Grant: £20,000 x 2 years, core costs.
  • Chayn
    • An international network addressing gender-based violence by providing resources on-line.
    • Grant: £30,000 x 1 year, to invest in organisational development.
    • An international centre that researches corporate tax avoidance in order to influence global tax rules.
    • Grant: £25,000 x 1 year, to strengthen CICTAR to tackle tax avoidance.
  • Consortium for Street Children
    • An international network fighting for the rights of street children worldwide.
    • Grant: £15,000 x 1yr, match funding for core costs through the C-19 crisis.
  • Down Syndrome International
    • An international network committed to improving quality of life for people with Down Syndrome.
    • Grant: £7,560 x 6 months, to build fundraising capacity.
  • Equity Index
    • An initiative working to improve equity in the international development sector.
    • Grant: £20,000 x 9 months, to run a pilot programme.
  • Jubilee Debt Campaign
    • A charity working to end poverty caused by unjust debt.
    • Grant: £20,000 x 1 year, to mobilise for structural reform of international debt.
  • The Policy Institute, KCL
    • An academic institute, bringing evidence & expertise to society’s challenges.
    • Grant: £30,000 x 3 yrs, to support the APPG on Anti-Corruption & Responsible Tax.
  • Tax Research UK
    • Independent research on tax, accounting & political economy.
    • Grant: £7,500 x 6 months, to develop tax reforms for the UK economy.
  • Tax Justice UK
    • A non-profit organisation working for a fairer & more effective tax system.
    • Grant: £30,000 x 2 yrs, to enhance collaboration in the UK tax justice movement.
  • Unchecked
    • Campaigning for government protections that improve people’s lives.
    • Grant: £20,000 x 1 yr, to integrate tax into work on regulatory protections.

We’re delighted to be making these grants. They represent the range of our two focus areas and strategy, in the light of the C-19 crisis. And we’ve increased our grant making in response.

We think there’s a chance now to make substantial progress in areas like tax reform and international debt, in order to tackle poverty & inequality. We’re also glad to help strengthen organisations to get through these tough times.

We’re keen to keep investing in the infrastructure that helps campaigners, business and politicians work better together – particularly in our work on tax & fighting corruption.

And we’re starting work to take a more systematic approach to working on diversity, equity & inclusion.

Photo by ekrem osmanoglu on Unsplash