Shepherd or stray sheep?

On 24th March 2021, the Joffe Trust convened an expert panel discussion on the UK’s role in fighting illicit finance. Download a short report here.

The five speakers were:

  • Khadija Sharifa, Organised Crime & Corruption Reporting Project
  • Gary Kalman, Transparency International US
  • Justine Greening, Social Mobility Pledge
  • Kirsty McNeil, Save the Children UK & Crack the Crises
  • Ryan Shorthouse, Bright Blue

Participants discussed how Britain continues to be a global centre for dirty money. The US has shown how change is possible (even under the Trump adminstration) and is now moving to a global leadership position. While illicit finance is not a high priority for the current UK government, there is scope to make progress by connecting to their priorities.

Powerful lessons show how effective movements can be built. With a pragmatic approach and smart political positioning, cross-party coalitions can be built to win on specific issues.

We’d be glad to hear any comments you might have, or ideas for working together.

Photo: Paternoster Square under license by Loco Steve