In October 2021, we were delighted to approve six new grants.

  • BAAG (British and Irish Agencies Afghanistan Group)
    • A charity supporting humanitarian and development organisations in Afghanistan.
    • Grant: £19,913 x 6 months to support BAAG to achieve its core mission.
  • CAST (Centre for the Acceleration of Social Technology)
    • A charity working to create a more responsive and resilient, digitally-enabled social sector.
    • Grant: £10,000 x 2 yrs to develop the next phase of GrantAdvisor UK.
  • CICTAR (Centre for International Corporate Tax Accountability and Research)
    • An international centre that researches corporate tax avoidance in order to influence global tax rules.
    • Grant: £25,000 x 1 yr to strengthen CICTAR to tackle tax avoidance.
  • IJ Hub
    • A South African non-profit  that builds the capacity of investigative journalists and journalism centres.
    • Grant: £30,000 x 3 yrs to strengthen investigative journalism centres in Southern Africa.
  • Irise International
    • A specialist charity in menstrual health programming and policy development.
    • Grant: £20,000 x 3 yrs to develop the Irise community & implement policy at scale.
  • Unchecked
    • Campaigning for government protections that improve people’s lives.
    • Grant: £20,000 x 1 yr to integrate tax into work on regulatory protections.

Through these grants, we continue to support work across both our focus areas. They include grants on tax and corruption, tackling issues in the UK and global contexts, and new tools for accountability in the UK donor community.

We are glad to respond to the Afghanistan crisis, providing core funding to a key network. This lies in our second focus area, supporting high potential non-profits. In the same vein, we are delighted to support Irise’s international work on period poverty in the UK, Uganda & elsewhere.