Focus Area 2: High potential UK non-profits

** Update ** We are now closed to new applications in this area. Latest update here.

We fund high potential UK non-profit organisations that contribute to global justice and equality, with impact in low income countries.

We believe that small groups of committed people can have a huge impact in the world. We support groups that have high potential to help the UK be a good partner to low income countries and address the causes of inequality.

We believe that most social change needs sustained effort, based on long term relationships and a deep understanding of the issues and stakeholders involved. So we help people make a step change in developing effective organisations.

We do not fund organisations that mainly focus on delivering services (like education, healthcare or advice) to communities in the UK or low income countries. We avoid ‘white saviourism’ and paternalistic approaches to charity.

For example, we have funded the following kinds of work:

  1. Work on issues shared by people facing similar disadvantages in the UK and low income countries. E.g. Irise.
  2. Work to improve the UK end of international systems and policies that have an effect on equality and justice in low income countries. E.g. Debt Justice.
  3. Work led by UK based diaspora groups. E.g. The Anti Tribalism Movement.

Nelson Mandela”, London, UK. Photo by George de Bruxelles on Unsplash